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Outsider 28-06-2017 10:02 PM

Dropping new Feathers
Hi folks.
Can any one help.My5yrold FHH is moulting and has nearly regrown all tail feathers but I'm very worried for her as she is dropping 3/4 grown primery feathers .I have found them on the floor and two have fallen when she has bated.she is being moulted on the perch and seems happy enough has been fed on quale Rat Guinui pig and hamster and occasional added multi vits .thinking she might need more calcium ? But all other feathers regrown are in good condition.
I will be taking her to the vet in he next day or two to be looked at just wondered does anyone know what this is.
I have thought of WTO but she was well protected from any severe cold in the winter?

ChrisSquance 29-06-2017 06:52 AM

Re: Dropping new Feathers
That is a worry, Photos of the hawk, and dropped feathers would be a big help!! When you say she dropped two when she batted, where they one from each wing or two from the same wing?. Where they stuck together and come off like a scab or did they fall out completely like a moulted feather. By the way if you are feeding a quality mixed diet like you say then there is no need for extra vitamins, and it certainly wouldn't be a calcium deficient. It is possible to give a hawk vitamin poisoning by adding too many extra vitamins and minerals to the diet. Atb Chris

Outsider 29-06-2017 07:08 AM

Re: Dropping new Feathers
Hi Chris.
He feathers came out of each wing ,but not at the same time ,ie on separate occasions .The feathers look like they have literally dried up at the base and just fallen out .i will upload a photo today at some point .
I think your right about the vits ,I have been very cautious about vita mine overdose and have subsequently only given her the tip of a tee spoon on her food once every two weeks just to be sure she was getting some extra,as you say she has a brilliant diet ,it cost a fortune but I want the best for my birds.
I appreciate your interest hope you can shed some light on his for me .

ChrisSquance 29-06-2017 08:35 AM

Re: Dropping new Feathers
Just to clarify, I'm not suggesting that your hope has vitamin poisoning and that is why is pinching feathers off, just that there is no need to feed vitamins if you're feeding a good quality mixed diet. When you say the Hawk has been bateing, is that off the fist or a bow perch?. That's really if it is malting it should be left free lifted in a pen somewhere quiet until the moat is completed you shouldn't even be picking it up really. Pinching feathers off is usually caused by knocking the wing or stress. If the bird is otherwise healthy I would avoid boxing it up and taking it to the vets in the middle of the moult and unless you are taking it to a specialist avian vet you're probably just wasting your money. Although it is probably advisable to speak to a good quality avian vet. All the best Chris

Nigster 02-07-2017 01:23 PM

Re: Dropping new Feathers
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check this pdf on vits and nutrition atb nig

Nemesis 12-07-2017 08:53 PM

Re: Dropping new Feathers
nothing to worry abought mine does it every year just don,t feed quite as much, give good food but don,t over feed it is because the bird is in good condition and can renew them again when she or he is nearly finished start to bring it weight down all the best dave

broomy 12-07-2017 10:13 PM

Re: Dropping new Feathers
Check the wing tips and if it looks ok don't worry about it. Also nothing wrong with moulting out on a high perch or bow perch. I have always moulted goshawks and Harris hawks on a high perch with perfect moults. Each to their own

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