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Congnhuanluong 06-06-2017 09:40 AM

Eagles, Eagle eagle in Hanoi
Predator birds fascinate players by the mighty, powerful powers of sky killers such as eagles, eagles, birds. In recent years, many people playing in Hanoi have spent a lot of energy and money to pursue this attractive game.

Birds of prey include species such as eagles, eagles, birds, eagles or cats. These are all large, aggressive birds. Their most striking feature is the glowing eyes, the claws and sharp sharp beak. In particular, they have the ability to fly as fast as the shot and the fear of many birds, snakes and small mammals such as mice, rabbits, squirrels ...

It is a custom, in the afternoons, on a large plot of land near Van Phu urban area (Ha Dong), many bird hunters in Hanoi gather, practice and train the " The sky ".

According to some players, owning a bird of prey now is not as difficult and as expensive as before. On average, for the hawk and chopped small price from 1 to 3 million per child. Eagles range around 3-7 million. The value of the bird depends on the shape, size and hunting skills of each individual. Birds are more majestic appearance, brave, hear the command as the price is high. In which empty eagles are more expensive, more precious and preferred than eagle roofs.

A professional hunting bird requires a lot of equipment to support such as: 3-layer leather gloves, bird helmets, electronic scales, harnesses, positioning devices, bells, horns, standing bridges In particular, the most expensive is the GPS positioning device to help determine the location of birds flying when practicing or can signal for birds to fly. On average, to get enough of this kit, players must spend at least 20 million.

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HCMcElroy 06-06-2017 02:25 PM

Re: Eagles, Eagle eagle in Hanoi

A most interesting post, thank you. Do your members fly other other types of raptors?

Harry in Arizona.

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