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LDShaban 10-04-2018 06:52 AM

Does this Male (Common Kestrel) sick? Help!
Good morning

I have a pair of Common Kestrel, I got the female about a week ago, she is fine and very active, but the male, I got it for about 3 days, it looks sick because it is fluffy and not as active as the female does, doesn't move like her, but when I go near of it, it comes back to normal and moves, flies, and eats too. Any idea if it is sick or normal? I am asking because the female wasn't like this when I got it.

Thank you.

T0M 11-04-2018 02:39 PM

Re: Does this Male (Common Kestrel) sick? Help!
142 views and no replies...interesting!

Right fella no disrespect but you shouldnít really have birds if you canít tell a healthy, happy bird from a sick one. I hope you havenít been waiting on a reply from this forum. Nobody can tell you for sure if it is normal or sick from what you have said but if in doubt get it to a vet thatís if itís not too late.

Good luck

LDShaban 11-04-2018 02:55 PM

Re: Does this Male (Common Kestrel) sick? Help!
I do accept your compliment bro, but what should I do when there is not a place or sponsor to teach me! Anyway, I took it to the vet, he have me a pill and I do the treatment now, wish me luck to save this Bird.

Thank you.

T0M 11-04-2018 04:41 PM

Re: Does this Male (Common Kestrel) sick? Help!
Glad you took it to the vet and good luck wished without saying. If he gave you a pill then I take it he is sick so you were aware it could be and done the right thing. If in doubt check it out👍🏽 As for a sponsor then always best to have someone to turn to but Iím not aware of your circumstances so canít comment. I do suggest you read as many books as you can and youíre online so can view YouTube. Also you can always try searching this forum.


LDShaban 11-04-2018 06:43 PM

Re: Does this Male (Common Kestrel) sick? Help!
Thanks a lot mate, you were helpful and thanks to this forum actually I've read lots of things on this website, and YouTube I like Ben Woodruff which he explains falconry in details, appreciate your help again.

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