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Chemx 04-05-2017 04:05 PM

Tiroides glands on falcons
i heard that giving bovine thyroid helps to molt the falcons
I ask this because I currently have a peregrin who is his first molt and is a captured bird and i have had the experience that with this type of birds the first molt does not go true complete
And because of this the second year is complicated to fly them if you a broken feather inserts are all way a trouble
I have two other peregrins one is his sixth molt and another his second and this already began to change his feathers
I am worried that the first will not change all his feathers
Everyone has a complete diet and I give them vitamins 3 times a week vita hawk
Any suggestions
I know that captive-bred birds do not have this problem

DavidS 06-05-2017 11:57 AM

Re: Tiroides glands on falcons
Hi Jose

I have used Thyroid on my Goshawks.
I don't know if it actually assisted them to moult any quicker though.
I think putting the bird in a stress free environment and plenty of sunshine with a good diet is the way to go.
I also bounce the weight up and down during the moult.


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