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Talking Re: Help.. my harris is going vegan!!

Originally Posted by Hurricane View Post
Had a ferruginous land and devour a mushroom before I could reach him. Made him very ill.😩

Any ill effects from the banana?
Well.. now that you ask..

He puked it all 30 minutes later.. when he was resting on the bow perch.

And then he started to look to the vomit.
And i could see that he was thinking about something..

Then he jumped to the floor and start to eat the vomit, looking a little disgusted and flickering his beak but it was clear that he was liking the taste and that he didnt want to puke.. and was trying to eat all again!!

But this was too much innovation for me for a single day and i decided to clear all the mess..

Think i prefer him on a meat diet..

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