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Default Re: 3/4 gos 1/4 blackspar

Originally Posted by TerryS View Post
Cheers Mate

I was a very serious austringer for twenty years. I had a black spar once in the 90's but never managed to tame it properly. It was a cock bird that had been imprinted and then put in a seclusion pen. I got it in winter. It was completely wild. But I saw the potential. How does the hybrid fly ? What's it like on strong wild winter pheasants on a windy day ? I know this is a real test for the Goshawks, and how about the corvids and ducks ? Have you flown him at any Teal ?

He's very nice. Looks very well managed.

Well done. He's a beauty..

Sorry for all the questions.



Thanks Terry, sorry for late reply, been working with no Internet signal. I have flown at teal, but not caught any, the mallards I tend to stakk up to the pond and send The dog in and hope for the best, with regard to the corvids, I live on a Golf Course so there are lots of rooks hanging around, but once he had started taking a few pheasants he stopped chasing the corvids. I flying regardless of the weather normally and he handles the wind and cock pheasants with no problem at all, last year he caught and killed cock pheasant that was 4 pound for ounces.
Here's the one I had. He looks sad the poor hawk. Perhaps I'd made a better job of him if I had him now. Don't suppose cramming the hood on his head helped much eh... Lol
Lovely looking hawk Terry, shame you didn't get in going. All the best Chris

Originally Posted by RoseB View Post
Nice one mate .have a good evening at the metting to night !
Thanks Barry see you soon

Originally Posted by DavidS View Post
Hi Chris

He looks a cracker.
I'm just curious mate but can I ask is there much difference between him and a pure Goshawk?
Thanks David, I have noticed he is more persistent than your average Goshawk and will chase pheasants out of sight especially when the pheasants get fitter and as he becomes fitter, he is also more highly strong artefacts weight than any of my other Goshawks. Although he is very easy to handle when I'm flying right and doesn't differ from any other Goshawk in that respect, although it is very difficult to draw conclusions having only flown the one, maybe just his character. Although he is called mad Gerald, and does live up to the name. All the best Chris
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