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Default Re: Harris hawks breeding in the wild

Spring must be in the air because the local pair of HHs have been harassing the larger local raptors. Ive never seen them chase a peregrine, sharp-shinned hawk, merlin or kestrel. Coopers hawks they chase with a vengeance, I think they fully intend on killing them if they can. When it comes to red-tails and harriers the HHs must see them as competition. Often I hear that god awful croaking HHs do before I see them. Upon looking up I usually see both adults in the air with the unfortunate raptor they intend on driving out making as much noise as they can. Red-tails appear to be more buoyant and simply go higher than the HHs but I have seen half hearted stoops on the red-tails by one or both HHs. The Harrier seems to be able to out maneuver its antagonist and will stoop the HH a few times but it doesnt really do them a lot of good because 2 HHs more than equal one harrier and soon its gone. After the hhs have accomplished what they set out to do they coast back to where they started.
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