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Default Peregrine lure training help

Hello all. I have an 11 year old peregrine that I just got back from 3 years in a breeding chamber. She was flown and hunted her previous years. I'm having difficulty getting her to come to the lure. Her weight out of the chamber was 906g. This afternoon she was 803. I've even had her down to 750 but she was sluggish. It doesn't seem to matter what weight she's at, she doesn't seem interested in the lure.
The way i've been training is I'll attach a tidbit to the lure, let her finish and then have her hop to the glove with a larger piece of meat. I try and do this several times for fitness. The only other thing I can think of is to let her crop up on the lure so that she becomes wedded to it but that doesn't do much for fitness. I've had her come to the lure, take it away and have her fly by but she keeps going. I appreciate the feedback and any help is welcome.

Nate Hohnstein

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