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Default Re: Peregrine lure training help

Originally Posted by RamishHawk View Post
Hi Nate, I see there are no takers, I mean people coming up with answers for you, I'm certainly no expert, but have trained a few birds over the years. Max was a hybrid 3/4 gyr x 1/4 saker & penned for 4 years in an imprint pen, when it came to lure training a pinned lure was used with almost his days rations tied on, a long leash about 6 foot long was tied to another pin about 3 foot away from the pinned lure. On removal of the hood, if he did not fly straight down to the lure on the grass, he was hooded and put away for another day with no food. What I wanted was an instant reaction to lure & food, when I got this, I simply kept my distance and let him eat, and only when he finished and released his grip, did I show him the garnished glove with the remainder of his ration's, if he wanted more to eat he had to fly the 6 foot to the glove. There was never any skimping on his food, but the process was repeated 48 hours, some times 72 hours later, the trick was he had to be searching for food in the hood before the exercise, and he had to go straight at it, this took a little over a fortnight, all in my yard. Next up was the electric lure machine with the same lure & rations placed behind me, as the lure got dragged by at speed his hood removed just as it passed by, he chased it hard every time. Frank beebe wrote donkeys years ago that a bird that chases the lure going away from you, will also return to the same swung lure. This bird would come any distance for his lure. I hope this helps in some way.
Thank you very much for the reply! I did what you said about taking the hood off her and seeing if she was receptive to the lure. I took the hood off and she immediately took to the lure. I made her fly to the fist for the rest of her meal. I'm sure that if I change to feeding her a whole crop on the lure that she will turn it around. Thanks again for the help.
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