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Default Re: Would you feed this to your falcon?

Originally Posted by SloeHawk View Post
Hi Billy

My instant response was no

I have visited their website and wanted to establish if this was raw canned meat or cooked, I can only make the assumption when it is talking about wet meat is thatís its raw.

It also contains calcium carbonate (Salt) but in what quantity? I again am making the assumption that this is to help with its shelf life but not great in a hawks diet.

Even with that information I would still not feed it to my hawks when you have mouse rat and quail to hand that I would consider a perfect all round diet.

No blasting just my opinion.

Thanks so much for the friendly input Seeing that it's 34% Beef + 17% Turkey +14% Rabbit I'm wondering where the other 35% have gone. I'm going to take a guess that's all Calcium Carbonate+the liquids in jelly form.

You're right, gonna steer clear from this.
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