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Default Zeus- a muddled diary in pics and words!

Zeus is a male goldie, produced by the great man- George Mussared 2013. He's fully parent hatched and reared by his own parents- exactly what I wanted. Reared in an open fronted pen enabling him to see dogs, lawn mowers and people etc from Day one! Resulting in a very steady and feather perfect bird from day one of training.
I can't thank George enough for producing yet another stunning eagle.

The thread may well go a bit awry on here........ but I'll try and update pics and stories in no particular order!

Her'es todays events:

I had a short window to get Zeus out in the fine afternoon weather. An hour or so is all we had in the field. The first hare was unsighted and Zeus flew off in the wrong direction, and worryingly gained height into the slight breeze- he cirlcled around me 3 times before coming back in. This was very pretty to watch, but I could see him scanning around whilst on the wing and the last thing I want is for him to take a hare sitting in it's form. The next slip was a long one, he flew the hare but as it neared the distant hedgerow Zeus pulled off and again soared slightly on his way back to me, then a hare got up right under him, zeus went to wing over but then the hare had already ran under him and away, instead of chasing, Zeus came back to me, but landed on the ground nearby- another hare got up right next to him-and he watched run away! 3 hares wasted! I was by now sweating,as usual I'd overdressed! And was thinking the damn birds too fat to commit(although he was on perfect weight...) The next hare got up jut behind me, the superb JM Falconry Hoods slip on hood was off before I'd turned to see the Hare! The hare was off up hill, but this time Zeus was oozing confidence and was powering after it-not missing a wingbeat. The eagle flicked over, the hare dodged, but the eagle turned too and powered back after the blur that thought he had done enough. Go -on boy I was thinking loudly! Zeus was now all over the hare, he shot out one of his long legs upto his armpits that most girls would be proud of, YES!!....NO!! DAMN IT! the hare was now head down, rocketing skywards tailfirst 4 feet up he went...Then time started agan, the hare hit the ground behind Zeus and went up through the gearbox like rossi leaving the start line. Zeus came back to the fist with talons full of fur, soooo close, and the closest yet!!

The last hare was right back at the van, I had quartered a field slowly(not easy walking up hares alone!) and he hare got up with a loud rustle of rape leaves, the hood was off in a flash, but the hare had used that flash to go into warp drive before Zeus was even airborne, I could see the hare would reach the all too near hedgerow and was willing him to run straight through into the next field! As the Hartley made the hedgerow, Zeus anticipated a run through and went up to clear the hedge, but we both saw the hare turn and run the hedgebottom, Zeus changed his plan and CRUNCH! he hit the hedge feet stretched forward, the hare chuckled and knocked his legs down a gear, and was gone! Zeus is everything I hoped he would be so far- and just needs the field hours to become what nature intended!

First time on the glove- when George pulled him from the pen and had him cast under his arm- ready for me to fit the furniture, I will admit I saw those feet and thought 'oh heck'!
And when holding him here I was a little tense, not sure how the bird was going to react- the result being my arm was killing me-much to the mirth of George and my good friend Mike!
George went and got his arm brace and said 'maybe you will need one of these- I do' They both fell about laughing again when Mike said' yeah, but George is nearly 70 and flies a female!!'

We drove all the way back from Hull, and I was excited and nervous to the extreme! what will tomorrow bring?!
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