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Default Re: Zeus- a muddled diary in pics and words!

Despite having a truly gorgeous block to weather on Zeus is a tad restless-always better when flown and fed sooner rather than later in the day! However, autumn dampness was now upon the weathering lawn and Zeus was destroying the grass day by day semi circle by semi circle. Time to try something else to accompany the block!( prolonged hooding or time spent in the mews wasn't for me personally.)
Now I've never liked the idea of swing perches for my hawks- always preferring tall rotating ring perches. But I decided to try Zeus on a swing perch, I made a prototype, and it was funny to see him hardly able to balance to start, but very quickly sitting there with no movement at all!! This perch style has been a great success for him. Although my prototype broke!! and it was by an unbelievable stroke of luck I was right there when it did-as it resulted in an eagle with jesses, swivel and tether ring, sitting free on my weathering lawn, surrounded by falcons that didn't bat an eyelid! I'll never forget that moment and the shot gun sound as the perch broke! sometimes luck is everything!
For now he sits on a commercial perch!

Flying Zeus out of the hood and watching him learn and seeing his fitness and agility falling iinto place is fantastic. I envy those that have been able to hunt a goldie from waiting on, Using the wind as they are honed to do, instead of the wind being a major disadvantage to hunting as it is for us.
However There is no way in the world flying a goldie around here from waiting on would ever be possible- not because he might rake off and kill someones dog- but because he would without doubt do that! I've never flown a hawk and been so paranoid about other people in the countryside- perfectly illustrated recently, when whilst walking stubble, in the distance I just noticed a woman walking her dogs- miles from the nearest footpath or public access, I was in the right- but that hardly would have mattered if I hadn't spotted her!

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