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Default Re: Zeus- a muddled diary in pics and words!

After a short while I decided to see how the bird faired on Real hares, His first was quite a close slip in heavy rape- Zeus was instant out the hood and soon on terms with the hare, He was surprisd when the hare dodged at such a last moment, it wasn't meant to do that! Zeus was very wet from the rape leaves, but shortly after another flash of fur got up- Zeus was off, but this time it turned out to be a rabbit, it just made the close by hedge and Zeus slammed in behind it. I was pleased with his efforts! A similar story every day out hunting, but Zeus was getting fitter day by day, I remember one of the first slips, a big hare got up not far away down hill, the bird was straight after it, until it turned up hill- he was beat on the spot! Fitness then was still lacking somewhat
Another slip Zeus flew a hare in tall rape, Went in hard, but The hare seemed to slip between his legs- the eagle was sure he had it! head back, crest up, looking very pleased with himself! He had caught a big juicy rape plant! in the end he retrieved It to the fist!
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