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Originally Posted by GDN View Post
Anyone had a birds that won't moult or won't do a full moult.

I took on a American Kestrel AK about 18 months ago - Feb 14. It was coming up for a year old. It was pretty stressed when i got it as I think it had been stroked a lot and was kept in the house. Certainly when the previous owner dropped it off him and a friend were both stroking it. It seemed a bit stressed in it's new enviroment with me with lots of alarm calls but it did settle down after a week or 2. It didn't do a full moult last summer - the primaries on 1 wing but not the other and a few feathers off the body and that was it. No tail feathers which is what I really wanted it to moult as it had several broken tail feathers.

1 year on and it still hasn't moulted properly. A few primaries and some feathers from the body and once again no tail feathers. This bird is now just over 2 years old and not done a full moult.

I did have a similar case a few years ago with a Tiercel who I leant to friend for breeding and then took back after 7 months. It didn't moult that summer but the following year it was fine and did a full moult. I put it down to a change in enviroment and I was hoping the same would happen with the AK no moult but this year hopefully it would be fine the following year but that hasn't happened.

The AK itself seems fine - eating ok and holding it's weight no problem. It is kept in the same conditions as my other falcons who have all moulted this year. The bird is also give vitamin suppliements as well twice a week.

Any one got any ideas as to why it isn't moulting or how to get it to moult. I know it will probably do nothing this year but I would like it to try and make sure it moults next summer
Greame i think its just a waiting game .mininum stress.good diet ect as you well know.atb
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