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Originally Posted by ShaneShac View Post
Good teamwork. Is taking the frustration out on the falconer a typical redtail trait? Watched a video online yesterday of another male redtail who footed the falconers hand just after it landed on the glove for no apparent reason. The falconer also said it was frustration!

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Its happened a few times over the seasons, it was probably worse in the early seasons. During our first season the footing was a daily risk and it took a few seasons to get him comfortable with my hand around his feet, but even now there can be the odd dab at you when you least expect it, routine and consistency are the key. He also used to do fly pasts where he would chuck out a foot at my head, he caught me a couple of times that's why I wear a hat when in the field, I believe that was to try to pressurise me into giving him food when there was little quarry to chase. I also witnessed this when out with a female red she did exactly the same thing, drawing blood around the temple, its like being punched but with talons. There have been other things like landing on the ground near me and then trying to grab my thigh, that quickly stopped as I learnt fast and would simply walk away before he had a chance. But in my experience if you can present regular quarry to chase with the occasional kill things are much easier but not a certainity.
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