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After two kills in two days he was high in weight but manageable. Farm land today, walking along the ditches and hedges between the fields a few times he held fast over very dense areas and his manner showed he had seen something below, the likelihood here is rats which I'd rather not bother with so I'm not keen to flush but a few times he was clearly not going to move until I did and thankfully it was blackbirds or other small birds. so we could get him moving on. Took a while to get him back on the glove before crossing a large field to the next hedge rows and about half way across let him go so he would be over the hedgerow before arrived. just as we went through the hedge he left the top and was out of sight. We spotted him going up into a tree on the hedge way that crossed over the hill so went off after him, before we got there he was attacking something in the cover but pitched up and settled in a large tree. He quickly turned towards us and his actions showed there was something there still and as we approached it flushed and he came sharply down the other side and contact was made. We were the wrong side of the ditch and hedge so had to make a way through, he was well in control when we found him, simple dispatch and gave him a good end of season feed up which continued whilst we walked back to the car.
So that's it for season 9, by far our hardest yet. With the game season over and a season long lack of rabbits that only really leaves squirrels which I'd rather not hunt, his feet have a few marks from the bites recently but thankfully nothing significant. He improved well this season with pheasants, hopefully we will be back to working with the ferrets next season as I much prefer working him from the glove.

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