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Default Re: Female harris cross Male Goshawk.

Originally Posted by PeelsBells View Post
Is there any breeders out there who have tried to cross the gos with a harris or is it impossible because of their difference in genes.
I know they have crossed a coppers hawk and a harris with quite some success.
I believe throught talking to some breeders that they have tried by AI but with no success only to 16 weeks old then they have problems.
Speaking to vets friends they say its possible but only if the right chromasones are present.
I know all you people out there with be saying whats the point of the cross but rememeber thing dont stand still and something good my comeout of it but may be not.
Please only people who want to put advise up no sarkey comments as i have a female harris who has just been rasied by a gos she is 22 weeks old and she has been in with other goshawks all this time no problems no fighting just sitting together no aggresstion.
If the feed back that is its impossible i will heed the advice and just fly the bird.

All the best

use this year did last as well but was infertile
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