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Old 26-03-2017, 01:59 PM
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Default Re: Introducing barn owls

Originally Posted by Cliffytrish View Post

Not at all, I asked for advice so I didn't make the mistake of upsetting either bird, don't you think it would be worse if I took the male from his home environment to mine to find out they are not compatible and have to take him back again?
So thanks for your advice and abuse! And it's people like you that stop people like me from asking for advice and make mistakes, which I would presume you never did when you started out.
I tried to make sure you had help on behalf of the owl because there are so many that fall out of favour with their owners and fall into the wrong hands. Dave 3 was kind enough to respond fairly instantly and you do nothing but insult him. He's noted that your experience with your own owl is likely to mean that you'd pick up any concerns caused from introducing the proposed rescue owl and know how to respond. How on earth do you take that as an insult?
It's my understanding (not from experience because I'm passionately opposed to keeping barn owls as pets) that a captive barn owl may live for up to 20 years. If your friend's son has just gone to uni then he was likely around 13 years old (you say it's 5 now) when this owl was purchased. What consideration was given to its long term needs, what planning? You complain about the way you're spoken to; I complain about the endless people who buy barn owls for their children with no long term planning at all and I have seen far too many die to give a damn about your finer feelings. Don't you dare try to be selective about whose advice you accept or insulting to someone who doesn't use precisely the words that suit you, especially when in this instance you've failed completely to understand what was actually said. I seriously wish this owl well but you owe Dave a bloody apology and I expect you to give it.
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Old 26-03-2017, 07:32 PM
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Default Re: Introducing barn owls

Blimey Rene, I've never been one for apologies and where are all the ones you should have received ? But thanks anyway
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