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Old 06-10-2016, 06:05 AM
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Default Tail feather moult


How often does a peregrine moult its tail feathers ? Is it every year or just every 2 years ?

I got a 13 year-old female peregrine just a year ago. The tail feather moult is nearly over; just 2 feathers that need to grow a little in length.

Question: I realised that the previous tail feathers were all of a brownish color whereas the new ones are of a nice bluish tone. Is it the sun that faded the blue color ?
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Old 06-10-2016, 12:21 PM
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Default Re: Tail feather moult

Hi, generally a Falcon will moult every year although with some birds the moult can stop or be delayed by things such as a change of housing or ownership etc. If this is the case the delayed moult can restart (sometimes rapidly) once the bird is settled again.
Be sure to keep her well fed and as settled as you can if you want her to moult well.

I'm surprised that the previous plumage is described as brownish? This would be more associated with a juvenile Falcon not a 13 year old? Her new tail feathers (if she is a pure Peregrine) should be a bluish grey base colour with strong dark banding although by the time she moults again (in another year) the base colour will have faded - but not to brown.

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Old 21-11-2016, 11:33 AM
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Default Re: Tail feather moult

Thanks for the answer.

The new tail feathers are definitely of a firm blue shade. Now, I have to wait for next year to see whether these new tail feathers lose their blue color.

Forget to say that the feathers from the back kept their blue color.
My peregrine is of Brookei species.
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