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Old 12-06-2014, 01:24 AM
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Cool Falconry Training Techniques

Hi guys,

I am new to falconry. I have recently inherited a fairly tame juvenile White Bellied Sea Eagle. She is about 3 yrs old with a fairly gentle temperament. Over the past few weeks I have trained her to JTTF with food on hand and she has done quite well although it can take a while for her to come. On some occasions she will hesitate for quite a while before JTTF but she will eventually and only when there is food. Can any of you guys with experience maybe enlighten me on what is an alternative method to training the eagle so that she will JTTF everytime and instantly on command and not necessary with food on offer? Thanks
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Old 02-05-2016, 12:25 PM
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Default Re: Falconry Training Techniques

Hi there I am very new to falconry. But I old have to say try looking up whistle training and stick with using food everytime still until she comes to the fist everytime. She starts to associate the whistle with the food then slowly take the food away from the equation. But give her larger and larger rewards for the more you take away. After she starts doing this well(hopefully) reduce the amount of reward but make the reward a richer fresher reward heart lungs liver etc...

Hopefully this will work for you, let me know.
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Old 03-05-2016, 05:53 AM
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Default AW: Falconry Training Techniques

Hi Rash,

What about weight control? Are you checking the weight of the bird regularily? Birds of prey if not handraised have little to no intention to come to a human if not for food - at least not at the beginning of their training.
First of all I would suggest you to find an experienced tutor to help you with your training. Then - the tutor will explain more indepth hopefully - weight management is very import especially if an already adult Eagle that has not been trained yet is what you want to train.
I also would, at all times avoid to feed large amount of food from the fist as this most likely will lead to aggression.
As food for thoughts:
If the eagle is not hungry, why should it come to you?
What is his weight and what is the weather temperature when the Eagle response quickly? What is his weight and what is the weather temperature when he does not respond?
Falconry and Eagle training is not easy to explain in a few sentences. That's why everyone should start with a lot of reading and of course with learning from experienced falconers before starting to "train" a bird of prey by try and error.

Good luck - for you and the Eagle.
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Old 24-06-2016, 05:47 PM
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Wink Re: Falconry Training Techniques

Food for though

Never drop any Birds below the following, if taken from the wild:
Falcons 15% max = ie. trapped weight 676grams (676 / 6.666 = 101.4)
.'. 676 - 101.5 = 574.6gram "The absolute minimum the falcon should weight unless you want to burn muscle mass"

Hawks 16% max = ie. trapped weight 1143grams (1143 / 6.25 = 182.89)
.'. 1143-182.89 = 960.1gram

This has helped me a-lot thus far, and I have seen the effects. There is a big difference in performance from a healthy bird hunting at top condition, than a starving bird responding out of pure hunger.

I also firmly believe that a person should start early with reinforcing a sound or call when feeding your bird and calling when needed.
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