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Old 06-11-2016, 08:01 PM
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Default Training schedule

Some people daily fly their birds, some people make a day between (fasting).
Smaller birds have to be fed daily. I'm talking about a red-tailed hawk.


Daily flying: 40 gram tidbits (1 day old chicken or something else) and give a little reward after a good training ( rabbit, quail,...). -> next day same weight

With fasting: 40 gram tidbits and give a big reward after a good training( rabit, quail, ... )-> next day to high ( fasting ).

( The 40 gram is just an example )

I do it with the fasting. So he is flying free. I call him 10 times and then the lure or the dummy. If I use the dummy or lure the reward is on this, if I don't use it then he get's the reward on the fist. But I do not know if it's a good way to get a bird fit, because I fly him not every day. And when flying daily I wonder if the bird will not get used to his weight and I think his reward will be too small?

So I wonder how your training schedules look like?

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Old 07-11-2016, 12:05 AM
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Default Re: Training schedule

I fly my red every day I possibly can. I cycle weight methodically. During hunting season I keep him at combat weight for three weeks then fatten him up about a hundred grams heavier for two days. I drop weight back to combat weight by feeding half rations through jump ups, out & backs, and half of the portion on his lure. About 20 grams above combat weight he gets sticky footed and aggressive. On that day I drop food through the chute. Once he is below that window he gets back to his normal self, ready to hunt. In the summer i do just the opposite. I keep him about 100g above combat weight for three weeks then slam him down to combat weight rapidly by half rations and feed skips. When he hits combat weight I fly him on recalls and tidbits a day or two then pour on the quail, guinea pig and starling. This really helps kick off the molt and also kick starts it whenever the molt shows it slowing. Good food, good exercise, lots of sunshine and fly the **** out it. Reds rarely get flown to their full potential. They get better and better each year. The more you put into your red, the better he will be.
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