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Old 03-10-2012, 01:01 PM
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Default Re: Feeling a bit guilty!

john just an idea, keep an eye out for people you know or know off having accidents with there own birds people you trust that are good falconers. that way you could do someone a deal. i did similair with my gos bow.
3 deccent flights of 200 to 800 yards on pheasant a day is enough to keep them fit.
if i get 3 at 200 each i will maybe do more if 3 at 500 ill leave it at that.
i learnt not to burn a gos out in bows first year when i made him unconfident.
i know im maybe teaching you ti suck eggs, just im passionate about the goshawk now and wouldnt fly anything else.
you could put game down. partridge are easy and will get your bird confident in the beggining.
there is a thread on grey partridge and it has release pens, they work wounders for redlegs too.
think you have ideal land in west wales nice and open too
Good luck what ever you choose...Ash
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