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Default Re: The Imprint Goshawk Formula?

Originally Posted by Jastreb View Post
Sorry to hear about ms Havoc, but hope it turns well Cheers Viktor
I tossed a live sparrow into Ms Havoc's chamber (12' square) yesterday. She came up off the log by the bath and just missed it on the first go round and landed on the swinging perch by the front window. It came back around high, and she pushed off and flipped over and grabbed it, flipped back over and landed on the perch in the center of the chamber.

I was very pleased to see such co-ordination and dexterity after what she's been through! She's eating well and gaining weight now.
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Old 27-06-2017, 12:37 AM
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Default Re: The Imprint Goshawk Formula?

Great thread thanks very much for sharing
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formula, goshawk, imprint

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