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Old 02-10-2014, 06:21 PM
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Default Rodney 2014 p/r 3/4 Finnish Goshawk

So I thought maybe I would do a diary for my first p/r Goshawk. Having flown various birds for the last 16 or so years including a couple of imprint gos's I thought I would share my experiences with this my first p/r goshawk.
Now I am not one for naming birds, I dont why just never have but I thought for a change I would name this one, so I decided on Rodney firstly because it quite comical and secondly as most Goshawks I have come across are plonkers.

You will have to bare with me regarding pictures as my laptop is out of action at the minute due to Rodney ( I will get to that later)

Collected him from Darren Lloyd in Stoke on 17th September, fitted anklets, jesses etc and put in Box.

Got him home and left him boxed over night to settle.
18th September - got him out of the box and after 5 attempts managed to get him to sit on the fist few bates etc. Managed to get a weight of 1lb 13.5oz.
Garnished the fist with small rabbit pieces (no interest as expected)
3 x 30 minute manning session per day followed and returned to the giant hood after each session. These sessions continued for the next 7 days with the bird getting more steady as each day passed however my concern was that he was not feeding. On the 24th I contacted the breeder and we had a chat regarding feeding and current weight (1lb 8oz) It turned out after the bird turned 10 weeks it was beginning to go a bit mental in the flight pen it was in so Darren began reducing rations. Over the two weeks until I collected he was getting keener as food was being put through the shoot.
Darren suggested his true fat weight would be at least 2lb so perhaps the weight at which he was caught at was more of a responding weight than fat weight. He believes the bird will enter at a minimum of 1lb 10oz going off previous birds from the same parents.
As soon as I come off the phone I garnished a feeding mat with quail and beef mix and put the bird into the pen. I watched from afar has he finally got the courage to eat the lot. I didn't want to stretch his crop to much with not eating for a while.
The following day in the garden he fed from the fist like he had been doing it for years 1oz of rabbit and 2oz of bloody beef. Over the next 4 days feeding twice a day from the fist a mix of liver, beef and rabbit I managed to get his weight back upto 1lb 13oz. Even though the initial manning was unsuccessful with regards feeding it has certainly been beneficial overall.
Now that the stressful part has been explained I can begin the proper part of the Diary

28th September
1lb 12oz
10 full length leash jumps (Garden)
1.3oz beef
1.5oz liver
He has almost skipped a couple of steps, no 6" jumps just full length leash jumps.

29th September
1lb 12.2oz
30 minute manning local hunting ground
10 full leash jumps (Garden) 1pm
1oz rabbit
3 x 4ft jumps 2 DOC @ (Garden) 6pm
Things have certainly clicked with him.

30th September
1lb 12.1oz
5 x 8ft jumps
2 x DOC
Weighed in Kitchen next to laptop and he s**t on it shorting it out (Ba****d) off to repair.

1st October
1lb 12oz
Fed on training ground
6 x 20ft flights from bow (not instant)
2 x DOC
The response is by no means instant but he is coming and for now at the weight he is I am happy with that. If the response time improves at this weight I hope to enter him at a higher weight than first thought.

2nd October
1lb 12oz
30ft flights from bow (same response time as yesterday but much further distance)
1 x DOC plus 2 legs no yolk sac
Feeding from fist no problem regardless of environment.
Couple of bates from fist.
Tomorrow I hope he is down 1/4oz and test his response, at this rate I am hoping to enter at 1lb 10.5oz. Off work until next Tuesday so can put plenty of time in. A worrying start but now we are make excellent progress. He has all of the normal Gos traits hence the reason Rodney but is steady around most things now. In a week or two this bird will be bomb proof (hopefully)
Will continue to update when I get chance and put up pics when I get my laptop back.
The start of this process he seemed more stubborn than a redtail but now he is coming on fast.
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Old 02-10-2014, 06:57 PM
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Bob Jeffryes
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Default Re: Rodney 2014 p/r 3/4 Finnish Goshawk

Looking like the start of a good thread,I look forward to reading more.atb bob
Don't wait for the perfect moment , take the moment and make it perfect
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Old 02-10-2014, 08:41 PM
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Default Re: Rodney 2014 p/r 3/4 Finnish Goshawk

Managed to upload pictures from phone
Attached Images
File Type: jpg WP_20140930_001.jpg (100.1 KB, 150 views)
File Type: jpg WP_20140930_003.jpg (101.9 KB, 149 views)
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Old 03-10-2014, 07:28 AM
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Default Re: Rodney 2014 p/r 3/4 Finnish Goshawk

He's a very nice looking bird.Looking forward to following this thread,good luck with him!
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Old 05-10-2014, 06:55 PM
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Default Re: Rodney 2014 p/r 3/4 Finnish Goshawk

3rd October

Weight today 1lb 11.6
8 x 40 ft flight from Bow perch
Taking 30 seconds to turn around on the bow and another 30 seconds to come.
Final flight he veered off before hitting the fist and went into a tree (still on creance) attempted to call from tree for 10 mins or so, not a chance ( far too interesting higher up and Not keen enough to return. This being his first time in a tree I could tell there was no chance of a recall. Climbed the tree and returned home. 1 and 3/4 chicks fed, should bring him down a bit after the successful flights.

4th October
1lb 11
Not much time today so fed from fist over the park
1 chick

5th October
1lb 10.6oz
Talked to some neighbours for 10 mins while feeding a few tidbits (fed no problems)
6 x 40 ft calls from bow perch 10 seconds to turn on perch and about 5-10 seconds to come to the call.
Gave him a good crop of bloody beef and chicks. I know he will be up a fair bit tomorrow but dont mind as I have a few jobs on this week so don't want to drop him when I cant commit to progressing with the training. Will do a few short creance calls over the next few days and bring him back down to his current weight and begin lowering for immediate response and entering.
Certainly making steady progress.
Fitted tail mount and bell without any fuss, cast him In a towel and fed a few chicks legs for the inconvenience caused.
Good times

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