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Old 24-09-2014, 05:12 PM
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Default Re: 2014 harris hawks for sale

Originally Posted by 7parabuteo7 View Post
I totally aggree, but the reason is that i am hoping to take a wide range of quarry in the future that include hares and i dont want them to keep slipping away because the bird doesn't have the power. I thought that people would want a larger bird because it could potentially catch a bigger variety of quarry and the fact that i have been ringing a lot of people that supposedly have large fhh available and they have all been sold so i ask how long it took and they all said quickly. I have over a year to decide if i do want to breed so that is plenty of time for me to do more research. I do understand that there are many liars, i have seen a few people before on this forum boasting about birds with a 2lb 10oz flying weight and all the way up to 2lb 13oz i mean surely their scales must be wrong. I am quite confident that i can get a bird with a potenial flying weight of 2lb 8oz but i will have to wait untill january and i would rather not but if i have to i will.
The Large weights you quoted as wrong (2.10 - 2.13) are indeed correct, Barry on here breeds and flys HH of this size, I have seen them with my own eyes, however he is pretty particular who he sells them too,
You also mention a wider range of quarry with a bigger bird, any size HH, male or female can generally handle all but one main quarry and that's Hare, as most parts of England now have very few Hare this narrows down your market in which to sell large HH, (superior doesn't exhist by the way)
There are still stacks of HH for sale that are still with the parents and soon to be a stack more as they will have been sold to idiots with no idea of how to keep a budgie let alone a HH, The reasons for sale are normally that they don't have time for them any longer and generally forget to mention that the hawk is a screaming mantelling face footing demon because they have completely ****ed them up.
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Old 24-09-2014, 05:21 PM
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Default Re: 2014 harris hawks for sale

ah i may as well as im off out shortly

the reason females sit eggs and sit young birds more than males is that the males of the species take a wider range of quarry at these critical times that is basic knowledge and logic

if i was wanted to hunt hares to any degree id get a bird built for the job and that would be a FRT but there again that is a far more demanding job than a hh

As for breeding ..... ah forget it i really cant be a rsed now ,go to the club and get your feet back on the ground
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Old 24-09-2014, 08:09 PM
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Default Re: 2014 harris hawks for sale

There is no legislation that dictates what knowledge/experience a person must acquire before getting a hawk and, so long as you don't fall foul of wildlife and welfare laws, you can do what you want. One of the greatest frustrations, sitting on this side of the screen, is seeing how many people do just what they want and to be unable to stop it. It's the doing what you want thing that results in so very many Harris hawks ending up in the wrong hands. The species never did any damn thing at all to deserve the contempt with which its treated by so many, or to passed from one person's whim to another, or to be used for practice and then dumped when the practiser has screwed it up to the point until its fit for nothing.
The only thing any of us know about you is what you've said yourself...and what you haven't said. You haven't said you have a mentor, or that you've done a course, or that you've done Lantra, or that you have any experience, or that you've even held a hawk. You've only said that you've read two books, are building an aviary, are already looking for a hawk and that you think you'd like to breed them. There's no one thinks of breeding Harris hawks before they've even flown/hunted one so I'm immediately thinking that this must be about making money. You've made enquiries with breeders, intending to purchase a large Harris hawk and found that they sell quickly (I don't know why). You make no mention that these breeders wouldn't countenance selling you one, since you have no experience, only that you might have to wait until January. You say that the hawks you breed yourself would only go to good homes so if someone, like yourself, with no experience at all wanted to buy one...you'd tell them to get lost? Yes, I'm sure you'd tell them to get lost if they turned up with no mentor, no experience and a breeding plan.
Maybe there is indeed a gap in the market for the otherwise massively oversubscribed Harris hawk and maybe there's a queue for the bl o ody big ones and maybe there's profit to be made from recognising it.
Like I said, you can do what you want. Just don't turn up here and expect any one with a conscience to approve it.
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