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Old 09-08-2016, 06:15 PM
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Default American Kestrel Mews: wooden dowel spacing?

Hello All,

Passed my test, got a sponsor and now about to begin building housing for an American Kestrel. It will be indoor housing placed inside a guest room so no double door needed. Following state guidlines (Arizona) for a bird this size I am building a 4ftx4ftx4ft enclosure with a separate weathering yard outside.

Please take a look at the design and let me know if you see any issues but specifically what do you think would be appropriate spacing for the wooden dowels? Its a very small bird in the range of 100g. Will be using 3/8inch dowels and could space them either 1.25 inch apart or 1 inch. This is my first falcon. My experience with ferrets tells me if their head can fit through their body can. Are raptors similar?

Also on the front doors am I asking for it by making them so long? (4ft) Would it be better to have them be 2ft like the windows and the rest solid panel to prevent any slight bend? I am just not sure how hard the birds try to push their way through.


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