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Old 11-08-2017, 03:12 PM
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Default Re: 2017 Goshawk

Originally Posted by AshyA View Post
Well after the very unfortunate escape, the gutting death & after months of strong mixed emotions & feelings in regards to the Tiercel I acquired a few months back (I'm sure some will vouch!). I decided, with the help of close friends & my misses lol, I have made the choice to man the f**k up & not be beaten! I am collecting a 2017 a Pr Tierel on the 19th of August. He is a 3/4 Fin/alb bred by Paul Cannadine. & Ian Trotter. My aim is to simply to enjoy him & do my upmost best to make a decent bird of him! I have changed my job purely so I can fly him to our maximum capability! My hours are now 3:30pm-8:30pm, ideal for an Austringer lol. I will fly him 6 days per week no matter what. My plan is to make him to a hood & I intend on doing this by using small eyes holes, as is practiced in Pakistan. I hope to make a good all around bird of him although I hope & will try to push him on the Corvid front. I will be honest & not lie, I am slightly nervous after 3yrs out the game & never doing a a Pr Goshawk before I naturally expect the worse lol! I'm sure I'll be fine & cannot wait to be honest. After years or poxy luck I will not be beaten & let it get to me.
It's good to be back & I'm so excited on his collection & arrival.

Atb Alex

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I'm not going to lie, I was wondering if you had given it up after such a shaky re-introduction. I'm really pleased to hear that you haven't. He looks great, I can imagine it's a mix of excitement and nerves considering previous events? I take it this is your first PR Goss? It may end up working out better for you having a PR rather than an imprint. It's clear to see that you've given the bird the best chance to succeed, I hope this rewards you looking forward. I hope you'll update this thread as I'm sure everyone will be interested, me included. I'm really pleased for you, best of luck with him!

Happy Hawking,

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2017, goshawk

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